First road tests with the UNVI eC24s, an innovative electric MIDIBUS

First road tests with the UNVI eC24s,  an innovative electric MIDIBUS

The UNVI ec24s model is 7 metre long and can be equipped with batteries of between 144 and 298 KWh of energy allowing it to carry up to 41 passengers, a wheelchair and have an autonomy of 16 hours as a standard bus.

The first tests were carried out last December with the main public transport companies in Barcelona metropolitan area, both public (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona – TMB) and private (Sagalés, Moventia, Tusgsal). Due to the novelty of this model, it had an impact on the bus sector news in Catalonia.
During the month of January we continued with the tests in Ourense, to carry on with the optimisation of the different parameters.

This new electric midibus model is entirely manufactured by the Galician company based in Ourense, UNVI. This vehicle, named eC24s, presents innovative concepts, not only in its design, but also in the aspects related to its engineering.

The midibus is 7 metre long and its wheels are the same diameter as those of a 12-metre bus or an articulated bus. This has two major advantages: the first is that it facilitates wheel stock management, as no special tyres are needed for this vehicle, and the second is that it reduces the rolling coefficient, significantly optimising consumption. Similarly, with regard to the architecture of the UNVI eC24s, it is worth highlighting the position of the driving position in front of the first axle. This gives the driver the same feeling of driving a 12-metre vehicle and provides a larger working space than that of a traditional midibus.

Another of the model’s most outstanding features is its large capacity, up to 41 passengers.

In terms of engineering, the capacity of its batteries stands out. This electric midibus can equip models with between 144 and 289 kWh of energy, which means a range of 150 km to 300 km depending on weather conditions and the terrain of the route.